Redemption House

Helping Women Lead Productive

Lives After Incarceration

Along with the Bible, we will be using the S.A.L.T. (Seven Areas of Life Training) material written and published by Victorious Christian Living International. This discipleship series equips people to live victoriously in all seven areas of life: Spiritual, Psychological, Social, Physical, Financial, Marital, and Parental. We will also be using books and tapes produced and published by Precept Ministries and others.

We will offer classes covering topics such as healthy cooking/eating, exercise, gardening, homemaking, interviewing skills, keyboarding skills, and phone etiquette. When appropriate, a resident may attend the public school Adult Education Program to help them secure a GED. Residents may also attend Midlands Technical College to earn an Associate's Degree or comparable professional certification. Our hope is that the women find a career path, not just a survival job. When needed, the women will be directed to appropriate support programs in the community.