Redemption House

Helping Women Lead Productive

Lives After Incarceration

Redemption House is a non-profit organization in the midlands of SC providing an environment of change and growth for women upon their release from incarceration. Residents of Redemption House desire changed lives as evidenced by their participation in regular discipleship while still detained. Spiritual support and Biblical counseling is the basis of each resident’s time spent at Redemption House. They will be offered the support and resources needed to begin their new lives with meaning and purpose as they rejoin our community.

Who Are We?

Our Executive Board consists of people devoted to helping these women. As individuals with varied experience in leadership, we are dedicated to serve as positive role models. Our Auxiliary Board consists of pastors and friends who have committed to prayerfully support the work of Redemption House.

Our Concern and Our Solution

Our greatest concern is for the future of these women once they are released from jail or prison. Currently, a woman leaves with only the clothes and possessions she came in with: often homeless, unemployed, and without financial resources. Many of these women have come out of abusive situations and some have never learned basic life skills. With few options, they often resort to previous poor lifestyle decisions, frequently ending up back in jail or prison.

Since there are resources available for drug and alcohol problems, Redemption House focuses on helping women with other needs. Redemption House is a place where they can grow in their Christian faith, learn advanced life skills, and be prepared for independent living and employment, ending this cycle of futility.